Confidence in data security enables healthcare stakeholders to innovate with confidence. That’s why data security is a foundational element of our patent-pending data exchange architecture.  

We leave the data where it is, connect to it when needed and leverage existing data security systems at all times.  We deploy in a secure, compliant-certified third-party cloud and use proxy architecture to protect source data systems.  Proprietary security features include unique security tokens for each data transmission, specialized networking/firewall configurations, encryption (typically 256 bit), data separation and other elements to secure data in transit and at rest.

HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC and other compliance requirements set the floor. Our data security features raise the bar.

Deeply Agnostic

The insights to fully inform healthcare decisions reside in fragmented, incompatible systems.  To transcend this systemic barrier to innovation, our data exchange architecture is data structure, data system vendor and data exchange protocol agnostic.

We interact with the multiple systems operated by healthcare’s many stakeholders and deliver the assembled insights at the place and time of decision.


Because health care involves people on the move, healthcare delivery is a mobile enterprise.

We give patients, providers and other healthcare system participants secure, real-time access to data tailored to their needs and delivered to their mobile device, 24/7.


We recently added blockchain tools to our data exchange architecture to improve the data timeliness between healthcare organizations, manage multiple person identifiers and facilitate the exchange of summary health transactions.  We see the game-changing implications of this technology.

Open technologies,
light touch deployment

Healthcare’s many stakeholders rely on different data systems to support their operations, and new data sources (including IoT) are becoming available daily. A patient-centered healthcare system requires that the patient-specific data generated by those systems be effectively leveraged.  

Our enabling technologies promote openness, data exchange and data reuse and simplify our ability to support fundamental innovations to existing processes.

Because the pressure to improve care and reduce costs is unrelenting, accelerating the pace of high value innovation is a systemic imperative.  By putting a light call on internal resources that’s defined up front, Health eWay lowers the barriers to innovation.